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Friday, October 05, 2012

Calgary, Snow Routes and the 1%

So, Calgary City Council has decreed, in its infinite wisdom, that bike routes will be the top priority for snow crews this winter. Undoubtedly, this wise decision was taken on the back of the city's own 2011 census, which asked residents' mode of transport for commuting to work. A stonking 0.89% said that they commute by bike. That's right, Calgary City Council has selected its very own (almost) 1%, who will henceforth take priority over the other 99.11% of taxpayers. The city's own studies show that the majority of downtown workers arrive by transit. Yet transit routes will be relegated to priority 2 when snow falls. Once again, our out-of-touch municipal politicians have mistaken a noisy minority for public will. Hopefully they will mull that over when they lose their reserved, heated, underground parking stalls at city hall after losing the next election.