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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Lord Mandelson should take a look in the mirror

So, Lord Mandelson reckons that Bob Diamond is the unacceptable face of banking.  Why should a director at Barclays be singled out for criticism in this way?  After all, Barclays is one of only two major British banks which has neither required support from the British taxpayer, nor been taken over by the Spanish.  I suspect that is Mandelson’s real problem – Socialists prefer businesses that fail.

So what was Bob Diamond’s crime?  Mandelson lays two criticisms at his feet – that he is overpaid and that he doesn’t benefit society.  Has Lord Mandelson ever taken a look in the mirror?  His current non-job as “Secretary of State for Business and Innovation and Skills” and previous employment as “European Commissioner for Trade” are surely two of the greatest non-jobs in history, with extortionate salaries, expenses and administrative costs, born by the taxpayer.  If anyone is employed to “push pieces of paper around”, Lord Mandelson is he.  By contrast, Bob Diamond has successfully generated substantial income for the UK economy and, via taxation, the treasury.  He has helped to secure the high-skilled jobs that any worthwhile Business Secretary would support and encourage.

The future of British Business and Enterprise looks pretty bleak with the likes of Mandelson and his comrades in government – particularly those many unelected Socialists who sit beside him in the House of Lords – at the helm.  Thank goodness the election is only a month away now.

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