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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time to stop fighting America’s wars

So much for the special relationship between Britain and the US.  After years of laying down British lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, isn’t it time for some support back from the States?  Yet Obama doesn’t even feel able to offer words of support when the Argies try to blockade British territory in the south Atlantic.  Instead, he declares his country to be neutral.

It was understandable when the Marxist Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, declared his support for Argentina.  He has never shown any interest in democracy, so I wouldn’t expect him to give a damn about the opinions of Falkland Islanders, who don’t want to be taken over by a corrupt Argentine regime.  Whilst Obama may share his Marxist ideals with Chavez, one would have hoped that the leader of the Free World would have had some regard for democracy.

Sadly not.

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h/t Telegraph blogs

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