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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The free trade area that isn’t

The European Union makes much of its position as the world’s largest single market.  Europhiles decry British Eurosceptics as “Little Englanders” determines to cling to the Britain of old in the face of inevitable progress.  They simply can’t comprehend any other reason why we might object to handing our hard-earned freedom and national sovereignty to an unelected regime in Brussels.

Well, maybe the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom will clear things up.  The second free-est nation in Europe is Switzerland.  That oasis of independence in a sea of EU-induced bureaucracy, which continues to hold out hope that Britain may one day enjoy an independent future once more.

Most startlingly, one area that EU states fall down is freedom of trade!  That great trading block that developed out of the European Economic Community, aka the Common Market, restricts international trade more than independence loving Switzerland.

So, can I once again point out to the Europhiles, that they are the inward looking (if not backward looking) ones, while those of us they decry as Little Englanders are often freedom-loving internationalists.  Why else do they think that so many Brits now emigrate to Canada (7th free-est) and Australia (3rd free-est)?  Canadian trade regulations are amongst the least restrictive in the world, and it’s no accident that the Canadian economy is also amongst the world’s strongest.

Pauline Hanson is in for a shock!

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