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Sunday, June 07, 2009

European Conservative group moves closer in Poland

The results from Poland are showing that the Law & Justice Party has seen similar results to the last election, with an estimated 12 members elected to the European Parliament. They are set to form a new coalition with the British Conservative Party. Hopefully we will see a similar result for the Czech Republic's ODS.

The other parties who will join the coalition have not yet been named, but it seems that neither the UEN or Indepencence and Democracy groups are going to gain enough seats to retain their positions in the European Parliament, so some of the parties in their groups must be prime candidates for the new Conservative group. A large number of non-aligned representatives are also winning, and only time will tell how many of them may decide to join the Conservatives. It seems likely that some will form another attempt to form a far right grouping once again. We've been told that there are some members of the Christian Democrat European Peoples Party (EPP) who are also planning to join the Conservative group, but we will have to wait and see over the coming days how many of them will actually do so.

The elections are generally proving a good day for Europe's centre-right - the EPP will again be the largest group, with moderate gains. The far left is also picking up support, with the Socialist group being the main loser. The Liberal Group has also dropped back a little, with the resurgent Greens putting in a strong showing.

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