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Friday, June 05, 2009

Bluewash across Britain

It's certainly turning into an amazing set of election results in England. Labour have lost all four of their County Councils - Staffordshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire all have Conservative majorities and Nottinghamshire is now hung. Meanwhile, the Lib Dems have lost both of their County Councils - Devon and Somerset are both now in the Blue column.

Congratulations go to Dick Pascoe, who has just retained his Folkestone Northeast division on Kent County Council. That was the Lib Dems' best hope for a gain, so bodes well for the other five Conservative County Councillors in Shepway. Kent is looking like a particular disaster for Labour, who have a large number of parliamentary constituencies there as well. Shocking results have seen the Labour leader fall to sixth place in Deal, with the Conservatives taking both seats. So far, every Labour seat has been lost. One to the Residents Association of Swanscombe and Greenhithe, and the rest all to the Conservatives. Even in my wildest dreams, I didn't imagine us taking control of all the seats in Dover, Dartford, and places like Sheerness and Ashford South. Labour's only real hope of holding any seats in Kent now rests with Northfleet and Gravesham West and Ramsgate. The Lib Dems have stood still, with one gain in Maidstone, matched by a loss in neighbouring Malling.

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