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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Quote of the Day (so far)

"I think this is a great personal victory for Michael Foot this evening," says the Times's Daniel Finkelstein of the man who led Labour to a crashing defeat in 1983. "He has emerged as not the biggest loser in Labour's history."

Danny was a high profile member of the SDP, the moderate group which broke away from Labour in 1981. He is now a Conservative activist.

European Conservatives win in Czech Republic

Congratulation to the Czech ODS, who have topped the poll in the Czech Republic with 9 seats. The group is now guaranteed to meet the 20 MEP requirement to be recognised as an official group. The second hurdle, that at least 20% of the countries of the EU must elect members to the group, is yet to be met, although the leadership claims that parties from several other countries have expressed their intent to join the group. We won't know the outcome for some days, during which there will be much wrangling with independents and parties willing to switch allegiance, as is customary after every European Election!

European Conservative group moves closer in Poland

The results from Poland are showing that the Law & Justice Party has seen similar results to the last election, with an estimated 12 members elected to the European Parliament. They are set to form a new coalition with the British Conservative Party. Hopefully we will see a similar result for the Czech Republic's ODS.

The other parties who will join the coalition have not yet been named, but it seems that neither the UEN or Indepencence and Democracy groups are going to gain enough seats to retain their positions in the European Parliament, so some of the parties in their groups must be prime candidates for the new Conservative group. A large number of non-aligned representatives are also winning, and only time will tell how many of them may decide to join the Conservatives. It seems likely that some will form another attempt to form a far right grouping once again. We've been told that there are some members of the Christian Democrat European Peoples Party (EPP) who are also planning to join the Conservative group, but we will have to wait and see over the coming days how many of them will actually do so.

The elections are generally proving a good day for Europe's centre-right - the EPP will again be the largest group, with moderate gains. The far left is also picking up support, with the Socialist group being the main loser. The Liberal Group has also dropped back a little, with the resurgent Greens putting in a strong showing.

Britain elects first Fascist to European Parliament

Yorkshire and the Humber region has just become the first part of Britain to elect a representative of the BNP, as Labour has slumped. The BNP's seat was gained from Labour, who also surrendered their top place in the region to the Conservatives.

Final Result:

Conservative 2
Labour 1
Lib Dem 1

In the East of England, Labour had slumped to just 10%, against UKIP's 20%! Again, the Conservatives topped the ballot. Final result (unchanged on 2004):

Conservative 3
Lib Dem 1
Labour 1

The good old days return

Some pretty spectacular results are coming out of the results of the elections to the European Parliament. Surely, nowhere can top Wales, where the Conservatives have stormed to a sensational victory. It's the first time that Labour have lost Wales since 1918, and the best Conservative result there since 1867!

Friday, June 05, 2009

A minor blemish on Kent's landscape

All in all, the results in Kent were all that could be hoped for - and more besides. A thumping Conservative majority, with the Labour opposition reduced to a rump of two, with both the leader and deputy leader losing their seats. No real change for the Lib Dems either, with one gain taking them to just six seats. What a pity that their gain was in my old area - Folkestone West, and by a painful 11 votes.

The final composition of Kent:
Conservative 74 +17
Lib Dem 7 +1
Labour 2 -18
Swanscombe and Greenhithe Residents Association 1 +1

Glennis Kinnock as Minister for Europe?!

Yet more resignations from Gordon Brown's Cabinet today - Caroline Flint. More and more unelected ministers are being appointed to the Cabinet, as MPs fear that association with the Brown government could cost them their seats. Can Gordon Brown keep limping along like this? It seems that he plans to!

Bluewash across Britain

It's certainly turning into an amazing set of election results in England. Labour have lost all four of their County Councils - Staffordshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire all have Conservative majorities and Nottinghamshire is now hung. Meanwhile, the Lib Dems have lost both of their County Councils - Devon and Somerset are both now in the Blue column.

Congratulations go to Dick Pascoe, who has just retained his Folkestone Northeast division on Kent County Council. That was the Lib Dems' best hope for a gain, so bodes well for the other five Conservative County Councillors in Shepway. Kent is looking like a particular disaster for Labour, who have a large number of parliamentary constituencies there as well. Shocking results have seen the Labour leader fall to sixth place in Deal, with the Conservatives taking both seats. So far, every Labour seat has been lost. One to the Residents Association of Swanscombe and Greenhithe, and the rest all to the Conservatives. Even in my wildest dreams, I didn't imagine us taking control of all the seats in Dover, Dartford, and places like Sheerness and Ashford South. Labour's only real hope of holding any seats in Kent now rests with Northfleet and Gravesham West and Ramsgate. The Lib Dems have stood still, with one gain in Maidstone, matched by a loss in neighbouring Malling.