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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The rise and rise of the left-wing British Gay Mafia

I've always taken the view that governments have no place in private bedrooms. In fact, they shouldn't try to control our lives at all. It's not as if they can run countries well, so why would they be able to run our lives? Those underlying principles may be the reason why I've never understood why anyone would care whether someone is gay or what they want to get up with in their private lives. Unfortunately, it seems that some British gay groups are less inclined to adopt the same principles, and the government's attempts at social engineering are proof that they should not have a place in the bedroom.

Today we have two stories which illustrate the problem well. The first is truly shocking. The state-funded British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) have published various documents claiming that opponents of adoption by gays and lesbians are "retarded homophobes." What a pleasant organisation for us to entrust the care of our most vulnerable children. Britain's adoption Nazis, as the Daily Mail so eloquently describes them, have previously banned a Christian couple from fostering any more children, because they were not prepared to teach the children they fostered that gay relationships were right. Worse than that, when the 40ish grandparents of two boys whose mother was a junkie wanted to adopt their grandchildren, they were refused for being too old. Instead, the children were placed with a gay couple and the grandparents were told that they would be allowed to see them twice a year, on the condition that they didn't complain about the incident.

The second story is that Canterbury Pride has taken Conservative controlled Canterbury City Council to the Local Government Ombudsman to complain that there is no gay bar or gay community centre in Canterbury. This, apparently, has turned Canterbury into a "Cultural Wasteland."

Let's be absolutely clear. Canterbury, population 43,000, is the home of Canterbury Cathedral, the centre of the global Anglican and Episcopalian faith. It is world renowned as the subject for Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, to which there is a museum in the city. It houses not one by two universities and a theatre which attracts top London shows when they tour. It is famed for its international food markets held at Christmas time, and beer festival held in the summer. Within Kent, it is well known for its excellent pubs and restaurants. It is also where I proposed to my wife. What kind of narrow definition of culture states that all of this is negated by the lack of a gay bar and community centre?!

To top it all, it has also hosted a regular gay nightclub called Girls And boYs for several years and the council has previously granted Canterbury Pride money to help fund a Gay Pride festival and to hold civic events to engage with the LGBT community. Given that there were plans to redevelop the area around Girls And boYs, it is possible that the venue is no longer available, but given that it was a commercial venture there was nothing to stop the event moving to an alternative venue if it was commercially viable. If there is the level of demand that Canterbury Pride claims, there is no doubt that gay bars, clubs and community facilities would flourish within the night scene, which has all managed very will without taxpayers' funds, thank you.

Thankfully, the Ombudsman has already indicated that there is no case to answer. However, it is legally obliged to investigate all allegations, leaving taxpayers on the hook for that. Whatever happened to Democracy, where people debated issues and answers were found at the ballot box, insead of in front of an unelected judge?

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