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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ignatieff uncovered

The new CPC attack ads certainly make for interesting reading. Iggy clearly has made some pretty poor judgements - both in the way he has presented himself in the global media, and the way he voted in Britain! He must have hoped that no-one in Canada would realise that he had been bad-mouthing the country when he was away from home, claiming that the only thing he missed about Canada was Algonquin Park or that people in Quebec don't speak proper French, like he does. I'm surprised that he ever knows where he is. Everywhere must look pretty much the same when you're that far up your own arse.

I do wonder whether he would still support Labour if the opportunity arose today? The party has delivered Britain a record 12% budget defecit, and plans to borrow £800 bn between 2008-2013, raise income tax for all, especially the highest and lowest earners and has introduced authoritarian laws which even mean that peoples' rubbish is inspected before it is taken away, to make sure that they are recycling everything. No wonder they've stopped calling the Conservatives un-Canadian.


bmaynard said...

iffy truly does have me worried that he would pull off an election win. this man will use canada as his grand social experiment and WHEN it doesnt work ehs not worried, harvard will always take him back and he can teach his students the backward way their neighbour to the north operates. tax and spend iffy is not what a free market needs.

Luca Manfredi said...

He voted Labour in 1997, I assume. Voting for John Major's Tories would have been like voting for the Liberals after Adscam to the power of 10.

What upsets me is his bad-mouthing of Canada (and the audacity to come back after that).

wilson said...

Iffy didn't 'come back'.
He was lured with the promise he would rule our nation.

He had his ego massaged beyond his wildest dreams,
and while keeping his other more cosmoplitan options open,
Iffy said
''ok, I suppose those backwater nobodies could use a little me in their boring drab uneducated lives''