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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Debate is good for city council

There has been much talk of Calgary City Council being dysfunctional, after disagreements between Aldermen during recent debates. I find the uproar rather bizarre - surely debate is what democracy is all about. If we want all of our elected representatives to sit around agreeing with one another, why bother electing them?

For years, Mayor Bronconnier and his cronies have run the city like their own personal fiefdom. At last they now face scrutiny at the hands of a sound-minded group of Aldermen, which normally includes Ric McIver, Diane Colley-Urquhart, Joe Connelly amongst others. What's more, voters will have a clear choice between the same old Bronco-Liberalism, as espoused by many of our "Independent" representatives (particularly Druh Farrell and Bob Hawkesworth) and a fresh new conservative alternative at next year's elections. That makes a welcome change, and is far more democratic than the usual method of having to guess how Aldermen are likely to vote.

The new CivicCamp organisation is an interesting development. I'm not clear as to their intentions, but they look like they may be developing into a Liberal-leaning municipal party. Particularly amusing is their complaint about "the ward politics system." I wonder why they have a problem with Aldermen standing up for the communities they represent!

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Leeky Sweek said...

I will never forget seeing the face of Bronconnier and Chretien together on a bus ad back in 1997(??). Since then, I have never voted for Bronconnier even if it meant voting for a fringe candidate.

Druh Farrell is another stauch "do-as-I-say" liberal. What's with closing Memorial Drive in the summer? Don't we have enough hassle with all the road construction as it is, now we have to create more?

The worrisome thing is, however, that both Bronconnier and Farrell will probably get elected again. Civic voters seem to vote by name recognition without finding out what the candidates stand for. I wish they would have to put some sort of political affiliation after their name to at least give voters some idea where they stand.