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Friday, February 20, 2009

Human Wrongs

Another astonishing verdict handed down by the European Court of Human Rights. Islamic extremists with links to Al Qaeda and the hate-preaching, hook-handed, one-eyed Islamic Cleric Abu Hamza, who supported the 7/7 London bombers have been awarded substantial damages courtesy of the British taxpayer. Apparently, it was against their human rights to incacerate them for their views and connections without a trial. In the topsy-turvy world of human rights, it is of course perfectly reasonable that the rest of us have to live in fear of terrorist attrocities. How many more people have to be murdered in cold blood before the travesty of the Human Rights Act is replaced and criminals can be punished.

The ECHR has form in these cases. Previously, the British government was forced to pay the IRA damages, for shooting two known terrorists whilst on holiday in Spain because they weren't carrying guns at the time. Call me old fashioned, but I don't want the soldiers who are protecting us from mass murderers to stop to ask if terrorists are armed at that precise moment.

We can await the forthcoming verdict from The Hague with baited breath. One of the terrorists who has been awarded £2,500 is facing extradition to Jordan. He is also taking that case to the ECHR, arguing that he faces torture if he is returned to his home country. He should be sent to Israel - they know the proper way to deal with terrorists.

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shlemazl said...

Sadly Israel doesn't know it either. Otherwise they would still have had the death penalty.

Personally I think the British solution was best. Shoot the motherf-s and then give them a tenner to compensate for loss of life. Fairness above all.