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Friday, September 26, 2008

And Verily, Thou Shalt worship Karl Marx

The insane ramblings of Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, are seemingly unending. He has previously called for the acceptance of Sharia Law in non-Islamic countries and argued that "Every transaction in the developed economies of the West can be interpreted as an act of aggression against the economic losers in the worldwide game", which says more about his failure to grasp the basics of Economics than it does about the Free Market against which he was arguing.

His latest foray into politics is no less sensible. Apparently, Karl Marx had it all right. The Archbishop believes that it is time to increase regulation of global markets in persuit of some kind of communist utopia with "common prosperity". Sounds nice, but it doesn't work because it runs contrary to human nature.

Last year, the Pope also alluded to Marxist theory. His statements on the subject made much more sense, as he pointed out that Marx's writings were relevant to his time and described how to overthrow the system, but didn't adequately explain how things should proceed thereafter. He followed up on the remarks by talking about the importance of non-economic factors, which he believed Marx had overlooked. Altogether a much more considered approach to the subject, and one with clear spiritual considerations, in start contrast to the Archbishop's purely political intervention.

Sadly, Dr Rowan Williams is not the only senior member of the Anglican church with insane views. According to the Bishop of London, flying to go on holiday is a sin! It pains me to see the Church in which I was baptized and brought up making such a mockery of itself. It is time that the senior Bishops and Archbishops concentrated on their role as spiritual leaders, preaching from the bible rather than Marx's Communist Manifesto. If they don't go soon, the Anglican Church is doomed.

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