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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Spinning Here: Lib Dems bury bad news again

Today, the Lib Dems finally reported on their regularly updated website that two more of their councillors, including their Deputy Leader, had resigned. They did so on Friday, so it took four days for them to admit to the embarrassment of losing yet more members to the Conservatives. However, apparently it was not the most significant issue affecting Shepway Lib Dems today. That was the closure of Eat in the Motorway Service Station! Really? More important than losing yet more Councillors? I suppose that it happens so regularly now that it almost isn't news, whereas this is the first Eat to close in Shepway!

I am a big fan of Eat's food, so I'm disappointed that they have gone and feel sorry for any staff who have lost their jobs. I hope that other outlets will be able to hold out for the busy summer months and later, the opening of the hotel, when hopefully trade will pick up. It certainly does seem to be awfully quiet up there at the moment.

Of course, this isn't the first time local Lib Dems have buries bad news on their website. They have previously buried bad news by reporting a missing dog (who they later reported as found, you will be relieved to hear). When Cllrs Peter and Christena Smith suspended their membership pending investigation for benefit fraud, they were conveniently kept off the top spot on the website by a story about bogus callers in Charles Crescent. Unfortunately, the subsequent guilty verdict and sentencing weren't deemed important enough for comment on the site (in contrast to the missing dog, of course).

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