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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The "Shaky Apples" fight back

The recent rash of defections from the Lib Dems to the Conservative groups on Shepway District and Folkestone Town councils have been pretty astonishing. However, the Lib Dem response has been even more bizarre. Local Leader, Lynne Beaumont, proclaimed that the remainder of the group is solid (despite local rumours that she is frequently calling councillors to be sure of their loyalty) and that the "shaky apples have fallen from the tree". I find that an odd thing to say about people who, only 15 months ago, the party was upholding as the best people to represent and run our local area! If she was happy to field candidates who she regards of such a low calibre, how can local people trust her selection of candidates in the future?

Thursday's Full Council meeting of Folkestone Town Council saw political fireworks, with arguments coming from the all three factions sides. Paul Marsh of the People First Lib Dems was critical of the defectors, particularly Peter Gane who had previously objected to People First entering into a coalition with the Conservatives in 2005. The best line of the night undoubtedly came from Martin Salmon, now Conservative councillor for Folkestone East. He told the Beaumont First Lib Dems that he would rather be a "loose apple" that the "withered old fruit left on the tree". Touche.

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