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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lib Dems lose status as Folkestone's largest party

After losing control of Folkestone Town Council last month, the Lib Dems now suffer the shock and indignity of losing their status as the single largest party. Having won 11 of the 18 seats, against 3 Conservatives, 3 People First and an Independent, they now have only 7 councillors, a figure matched by the Conservatives. Meanwhile, having battled to have their leader recognised as Leader of the Council, they have been ousted from all positions of responsibility, with the Mayoralty, Deputy Mayoralty and Chairmanship of the three councils held by Conservative and People First councillors.

Over the past 5 years, there has been little local news to cheer the Lib Dems. After winning only 4 seats in the first Town Council elections, they suffered a series of splits and defections at District and Town level, depriving them of power in Shepway and Group Status on Folkestone Town Council, where they were down to one representative for a time. Added to that, their poor European Election result, which saw them beaten by UKIP as they took barely 10% of the vote and the massive swing against them at the General Election was all capped off by a miserable 10 seats on Shepway District Council. The strongest of the few rays of light in those wilderness years was victory on Folkestone Town Council, where their 11 members dwarfed the other groups, none of which had more than 3 councillors. Yet now, they have thrown it all away.

The new composition of Folkestone Town Council is:
Conservative 7
Lib Dem 7
People First 3
Independent 1

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