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Monday, July 07, 2008

Bartonitis strikes this Thursday

Canterbury's Barton Ward will be heading to the polls in a by-election this Thursday, following the resignation of one of the ward's three Lib Dem Councillors.

What is it with Barton Lib Dems? This is the third by-election in the ward in the last 7 years, all of which have been caused by Lib Dems not staying the distance. Is it really that bad representing the people of Barton? It has always seemed a pretty nice area to me!

The Conservatives have good form in by-elections in Barton, with a 100% record. Michael Northey won the seat twice, but on both occasions he lost it at the following full council election. In 2003 his losing margin was just 2 votes, and there were 11 recounts, if I remember correctly. Last time around, the Lib Dems won by 180 votes, with the Conservatives as runner up then Labour, the Council Tax Payers Party (England's Own) and an Independent.

This time, the Conservative candidate is Mark Evans, who is up against candidates from the Lib Dems, Greens and the Council Tax Payers Party (England's Own). This time, there is no Labour candidate and no independent, but there is a Green instead.

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