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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome Emily Sanger!

I've been busy with other things, so am a bit behind on this one, but since Emily joined the Conservative Groups on Shepway District and Folkestone Town councils on Monday, I'd like to welcome her to the party!

The move increases the Conservative majority on Shepway and makes us the single second largest party on Folkestone Town Council, with four seats - after only contesting three last year! Emily is the Deputy Mayor of Folkestone, and was the second longest serving Lib Dem Town Councillor, after Peter Gane, the Mayor.

I think that the Lib Dem line's actually quite funny. They say that they threw Emily out of the grou for non-payment of membership fees and for voting with the Conservatives. I'd have thought that not paying membership fees constitutes resignation - certainly it does in the Conservatives, and any other organisation I've been involved with. I've never paid to be a member of the Lib Dems or voted for the Lib Dems - do I need to wait to be thrown out before I can sleep safe in the knowledge that I'm not a member?

New composition of Shepway District Council:
Conservative 37
Lib Dem 7
People First 2

New composition of Folkestone Town Council:
Lib Dem 9
Conservative 4
People First 3
Indpendent 2

1 comment:

Troy said...

Good on Emily. Things in the Lib Dems have not been good the past year or so. She and I became somewhat marginalised within the party over our backing of Toby Philpott. Despite both of us being re elected to the Party Executive for this year,I allowed my membership to lapse (or maybe I've been expelled)at the beginning of the year. Unless David Cameron or the Conservatives do something really stupid Damian Collins is sure to win Folkestone and Hythe at the next election. Come to think of it even if they do something stupid Damian will still win Folkestone and Hythe as I can't see the Lib Dems winning it with long-time members being expelled or not renewing their membership.

Troy Scaum
former Lib Dem Member/Activist/Councillor