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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It was a one horse race!

The Lib Dems have finally chosen a candidate to compete against Conservative Damian Collins in Folkestone and Hythe. Neil Matthews lost his seats on Hythe Town Council and Shepway District Council in last year's election, and was decisively beaten in 2005 when he stood to represent Hythe on Kent County Council. When it came to the Lib Dem nomination, he was guaranteed a victory, as he was the only applicant. I wonder what that bar chart looked like?

It is indicative of the state of the local Lib Dem party that there was only one applicant for what was classed as a target seat as recently as the last election. The selection follows the resignation of their previous candidate, Toby Philpott, due to internal strife. At that time, the position was hotly contested by both local and external candidates.

Labour and the BNP have already selected candidates for Folkestone & Hythe. They will battle it out with the Lib Dems for runner up spot.


Anonymous said...

Someone seems to be bitter that they were never good enough to get past the level of Town councillor. Being jealous is not a good thing!

You wont even have the balls to post this!

Dan Hassett said...

Ho Ho! Thanks for writing me off so soon. Of course, every 28 year old should have already reached the peak of his career!

I'm actually very happy to have a life outside politics. That's something I believe to be very important, but sometimes missing in our elected representatives. In due course I do plan to seek election again. That's unlikely to be until I have been granted my Canadian citizenship though, given that I'm emigrating in a few weeks.

Dan Hassett said...

I'm not sure why you think that it takes balls to publish your little paddy. If either of us is lacking balls, I'd suggest it's the one who doesn't dare put his name to anything that he has to say. Something that you clearly can't accuse me of!