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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home Office finally cleans up its act in Folkestone

Last week, the grass was finally at Frontier House, the Immigration Reporting Centre in Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone. The contractor will be back this week to finish tidying up, apparently. The move follows my request to the Home Office, after I got sick of walking past grass and weeds that were four feet high. Apparently, there was some kind of contractual issue. It seems that the Home Office thought it had a contract, but the contractor didn't!

It's not terribly impressive that they'd forgotten to get the grounds maintained, and I'm surprised that no-one working at the site reported the problem, which had become a prominent eyesore. However, they did sort the problem pretty quickly after I reported it, so credit where it's due.

Here's the email I received from the Home Office:

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your email detailing your concern regarding the grounds outside Frontier House. An immediate investigation has shown that an internal contractual issue with our maintenance provider has resulted in this omission. I am pleased to report that this has now been resolved and a gardening team attended the premises yesterday to carry out the necessary work. They are rescheduled to attend next week to complete the job to the required standard.

Again, thank you for expressing your concern and bringing this matter to our attention.

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx

Executive Officer - AD Support

UK Border Agency

Kent Enforcement & Compliance

Martello House, Shearway Business Park, Folkestone, Kent CT194RH

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