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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fashion on the beaches of Folkestone

The recent spell of fantastic weather has brought considerable crowds into Folkestone to bask on the beaches. Yesterday evening, Folkestone Central was busy with day trippers returning from their day by the sea. Today, Corissa and I headed out to enjoy the sunshine, taking in the beach, The Leas, the Coastal Park, the Creative Quarter and Casa del Gelato, probably the best ice cream parlour on the planet!

One thing really struck me about this year's beachwear or rather, the near lack of beachwear. Thongs have been increasingly popular with women for years, but I actually saw a few men in thongs as well. There were reports in the fashion press earlier this year that menswear was going to get more revealing. Could it be that Folkestone's beachgoers are setting the trend. Thong-wearing men were definitely in a small minority, but many men seemed to be wearing more figure hugging shorts, rather than the board shorts which have been popular of late. I felt rather overdressed in my cargo shorts. Not quite overdressed enough to head out and but a thong, mind you!

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