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Friday, May 02, 2008

Conservatives sweep Kent

It's official - for the first time ever, every council in Kent is under Conservative majority control. Maidstone Lib Dems have long described the borough as an "Island of Yellow in a Sea of Blue". Today, they finally drowned. The Conservatives gained 4 seats, two each from Labour and the Lib Dems but lost a previously ultr-safe seat to an independent. The new council breakdown is:
Conservative 29
Lib Dem 20
Labour 1
Independents 5

Conservatives in Tunbridge Wells and Swale also made further gains, strengthening the party's hold on the other two Kent councils up for election this year.

Overall, it's looking like a great night for the Conservatives nationally, with both Labout and the Lib Dems suffering. Nationally, the Conservatives currently control more councils than Labour managed at their peak in the mid-90s.

Results are still coming, and many councils won't start counting until tomorrow, along with London.

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