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Saturday, May 17, 2008

36-8: Cllr Dunning defects to Conservative

Shepway Lib Dems have been rocked by their 20th* defection by a sitting councillor since 2004. Cllr Tony Dunning, elected as a Lib Dem in Folkestone East last year, has announced that he will be sitting with the Conservative group in future. There has been rumours that he was not happy with the Beaumont-Carroll-Prater-Matthews axis that is running the Lib Dems locally, so the news is not totally out of the blue. I would like to warmly welcome him to the party.

I believe that the defection marks the first time when Folkestone East has been represented by a full set of two Conservative Councillors. Until the 2004 by-election, no Conservative had ever represented Folkestone East! The move also comes as a blow to the Lib Dems at a time when they are trying to rebuild around their newly elected parliamentary candidate, Neil Matthews, who was selected after the previous PPC was forced out.

The composition of Shepway District Council is now Conservative 36, Lib Dem 8, People First 2.

* Defections in order of appearance:
Tony Baker to Independent
Stan Hawyard to Conservative
The Dirty Dozen to People First
Wendy Harris to Green
David Callaghan to Independent
Peter and Christena Smith to Independent (due to fraud investigation rather than unhappiness with the Lib Dems. They lost their seats before court upheld charges)
==Election 2007
Sue Ashworth to Conservative
Tony Dunning to Conservative

Picture copyright Shepway District Council (not yet updated)

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