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Monday, January 21, 2008

Canterbury Lib Dems: Children not welcome

What is going on with Canterbury Lib Dems lately? First they wanted to turf out the city's university students, complaining that there should be a limit on how many students could live in any particular street. Now, in an even more outrageous outburst, theiir group leader and a former leader of the council has declared that Belgian and French schools should stop organising trips to the city (reports kentonline).

Are the Lib Dems unaware how much vistors contribute to the local economy? The foreigh students who they so despise are amongst the biggest spenders when it comes to souvenirs, ice creams and such like. I'm quite certain that they would be more than welcome to come and spend their time (and money) in Folkestone, if Canterbury doesn't want them. I'm not sure that Canterbury's businesses would be so happy though.

Canterbury is a city that has been based on tourism for hundreds of years. Ever since St Augustine established Canterbury as the Cathedral City at the heart of the English Church, it has drawn tourists from far and wide. It was the needs of those visitors that established Canterbury as the principle shopping centre in the region, and they are still coming and spending their money there today.

I get the distinct feeling that, had they existed in the 14th century, Canterbury Lib Dems would also have been just as unwelcoming to the Chaucerian visitors of those times, even if the Wife of Bath had neither silly string nor green hair dye!

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