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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DVLA - another fine mess

I hate dealing with government departments. They seem to have turned incompetence into an art form. Sadly, following my recent marriage to Corissa, she is currently having to inform various government departments of her change of name, both in England and in her native Canada. Meanwhile, I'm having to inform them of my change of address.

So far, the DVLA have proved to be the most incompetent on that matter. The problems stretch back to 1997, when I was 17. The DVLA managed to mis-type my name on my provisional driving licence, and repeated the error on my full licence, despite my best efforts. They also had different details incorrect on both of my parents' licences, so it seemed unimportant at the time - I suspect that most driving licences are actually incorrect. However, in the meantime, they have introduced photo card licences, meaning that they need to link my licence to my passport, in which my name is spelled correctly.

I applied for my change of address online. Unfortunately, I could only do that by using the incorrect spelling of my name. That prevented them from matching my licence to my digital passport, meaning that I had to send some forms and a photograph through the post. The instructions were ambiguous as to whether I needed to send my passport as well, so I called for clarification to be reassured that no passport was needed.

Guess what. Yesterday, my application was returned with a request that I send my passport (through standard, unregistered mail, no less). Worse still, they also required proof of my change of name. Clearly, I don't have evidence, as I haven't changed my name. I'm just asking the DVLA to spell my name right.

Thankfully, I managed to speak to someone with some sense today, and she is going to process my application personally. Fingers well and truly crossed!

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Anonymous said...

I think DVLA has lost my driving licence. I sent it, with a completed medical form (cost £99) at the end of January and in spite of regular letters, phone calls and email all I get is "We are very busy, it is being processed" It is like dealing with a brick wall. Susiana