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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Yet more post offices set to shut

Folkestone has been threatened with losing yet more post offices in the latest round of consultations. There are proposed closures Kent-wide, with several neighbouring towns and villages also under threat. Personally, two of my closest post offices are on the closure list - Enbrook and Shorncliffe. They have already closed my local Coolinge and then Morehall post offices, along with Sandgate and Pleasure Gardens branches. The proposals will leave west Folkestone with a population of 20,000 and only one post office. Then they wonder why fewer people use them!

These proposals are in addition to the already decided (after "consultation") closure of Folkestone's main crown post office, to be replaced by a counter in the small branch of WH Smiths. It really is beyond a joke.

Damian Collins, the Conservative PPC for Folkestone & Hythe has launched a petition against the closures. Sign the petition here.

Kent County Council also has a general petition fighting the plans Kent-wide here and survey here.

Here are the full consultation documents, including the address to send responses (by email or post, which is a risk given the postal strikes!)

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