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Friday, October 12, 2007

Reigning in Vancouver's Dinosaur Unions

Today, Vancouver's inside workers returned to work, after accepting the settlement proposed by an arbitrator. The librarians and oustide workers voted to stay out on strike. They claimed that their deals were not as good as the inside workers got. Well maybe the memberships should be blaming their leaders' poor negotiating skills for that one?!

The most amazing part of this is that 57% of the city's outside workers and 58% of the parks board's outside workers actually voted to accept the deal and return to work. The union's by-laws require two thirds of members to back the deal. So how come one third of the members can dictate to the other two thirds?! If the majority want to get back to work, they should cross the pickets. It's amazing that it's even legal for a union to be run that way, and I hope that BC is urgently reviewing its Labour laws.

To make matters even worse, the unions which rejected their deals threatened to begin secondary picketing against the inside workers. Apparently these did not materialise on a large scale, although a small number of inside workers are stuck behind picket lines where two or more groups of workers occupy the same buildings. Some members did attempt to form unofficial secondary pickets, but these were not in the end sanctioned, and did not prove effective.

It sounds like BC needs a Maggie PDQ. Secondary Picketing and militant minorities dictating to the majority of workers have no place outside North Korea.

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