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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Postal Strikes

Isn't it time the CWU moved into the 21st century. Equally, the management of the Royal Mail need to do likewise, but the unions really need to recognise that they don't operate in a monopoly any more, so the "comrades" need to work together with management to produce a strong force for the future. Modernisation is desparately needed. A prime example is in paying for the postage of parcels. At the moment, you queue at the post office for about 45 minutes, put the parcel on the scales and then someone the other side pushes a button to select the type of postage you want and tells you the price. How's about this for some modernisation - let me read the scales myself! I don't need a trained chimp to tell me how much money to pay for the parcel, I can push the buttons myself. Then, I can put the money into the machine myself (as you now do if paying on card anyway), and then stick on the label to show that I've paid. While we're at it, isn't it time that they issued bar codes rather than millions of fiddley stamps with arbitrary face values? They can include a sillouette of the Queen if they want, but surely we can just have one stamp which says how much you paid rather than great sheets of them?!

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