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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Please join me in supporting the I Want a Referendum campaign, which is working to ensure that the Government keeps its promise to give us a say on the EU Constitution.

As most other EU leaders have acknowledged, the new version of the Constitutional Treaty is essentially the same as the original. It would mark a further substantial transfer of power from the UK to the European Union. This Government promised us a referendum back in 2004, but is now trying to deny us a say.

If adopted, the Constitutional Treaty would mean that in future new powers could be transferred to the EU without the need for any more new treaties. Further powers could be simply transferred gradually to the EU, with no public debate. In other words - this could be our last ever chance to have a say on the future of the EU. We must not miss it.

To show your support for the campaign, just click on the following link and add your name

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Prepare yourself.

Vote already about the EU at

Vote YES to Free Europe Constitution!