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Monday, September 03, 2007

NDP belongs in the Royal Tyrrell Museum

The NDP government of Saskatchewan has shown itself to be a relic that belongs in a different era. The party's support of the Wheat Board's monopoly in the barley market is the economics of failure, as demonstrated in England in the 1970s and the old Eastern Block until the 1990s. The overwhelming majority (79%) of barley farmers want the monopoly scrapped so that they can trade their goods on the free market, so why is the government of Saskatchewan so opposed? Thankfully, the Conservative federal government of Canada and Progressive Conservative government of Alberta are more forward-thinking. Both support the liberation of barley markets. So they should. The current system penalises efficient farmers to protect inefficient farms, stymying innovation and raising prices for the consumer. I've always been shocked at the prices of basic foodstuffs in Canada, and hope that the federal government will win its fight to dismantle the monopoly on barley and then move on to tackle similar out-dated practices in other markets, including wheat itself.

The price of economic failure:

A loaf of fresh bread will set you back by about £2 in Calgary. A similar loaf costs just 60p in England.

Saskatchewan will head to the polls within the next few months. It's time to consign the NDP's failed, socialist economic policies to the history books.

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