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Monday, September 03, 2007

EU Referendum

In a significant softening of the government's stance, Gordon Brown has refused to rule out holding a a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty today. The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband had earlier been more forthright in refuting calls for a referendum, arguing that the European "constitution" had "been abandoned and the new institutional reforms, which protect British sovereignty in vital areas of national interest should be passed or rejected by Parliament".

Of course, Miliband is talking utter nonsense, as usual. Gordon Brown certainly won't sanction a referendum if he can get away without having one. He knows that he would lose, by a wide margin.

I was planning to blog about this today, and on getting home I found that I had an email from, who are planning a demonstration with casting of ballots on 27th October, one week after the Lisbon Summit. Unfortunatley, I won't be there, as I'm getting married on 20th October, and then I'm off on honeymoon. Fortunately, the event is billed as the launch of a "rolling thunder" campaign extending well into the new year. I've signed up as a supporter and offered to help in Folkestone. I hope that you will offer your help where you live, and join the protest if you can!

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