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Saturday, September 22, 2007

4 weeks to go

It's amazing how time is flying by. It's now 9 months since I proposed to Corissa at Canterbury Cathedral and there's less than a month left before we become Mr & Mrs Hassett. It's been a busy time - hence a lack of blogging - but also a fun experience. In the last week, we have had our banns read for the third and final time and submitted final numbers to the Hotel Burlington and paid for the reception. I've also had to rebook our honeymoon, as I was informed on Thursday that our chosen hotel is closing down on 25th October, half way through our stay! Thankfully, we've been offered the choice of two other excellent hotels which are actually more what I was originally looking for.

It's been hectic in other ways too. In the plus column, I've received by payout from my Saga shares, after the merger with the AA. In the minus column, I had to cancel my credit card after I discovered £131.25 of unauthorised payments. My bank are investigating those, but they seem particularly odd to me. I'd never consider commiting credit card fraud, but even if, in some parallel universe, I did, I'm sure that I'd only risk it for something more worthwhile than £131.25 worth of curry!

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