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Monday, August 13, 2007

Conservatives publish EU Treaty in Plain English

While I've been in Canada, the EU Constitution Treaty Constitution has been summarised in plain English by the Conservatives. The move is most welcome, as the new treaty has been deliberately worded to mislead. Key examples of that are renaming the EU Foreign Minister proposed in the original document as "High Representative", who "will conduct the EU's common foreign and security policy". Not to mention renaming the Constitution as a Treaty!

I've read the full document and the Conservative plain English guide, and I think it does a pretty good job of presenting the truth in simple terms. It's hard to understand the EU Treaty without a thorough understanding of the various treaties that have gone before it. The Conservative plain English version does not require such an understanding. Incedentally, the BBC's guide to the treaty actually makes many of the same points, but not as clearly as the Conservative version.

It's undoubtedly time for a referendum, as pledged in the last Labour manifesto. Our elected representatives need to recognise that they are elected to rule on our behalf, rather than to rule over us regardless of our views. The Soviet Union's leaders found that out the hard way - I hope that Brown's Brotherhood makes life easier for us all and lets the people decide.

Timothy Kirkhope MEP, Conservative Leader in the European Parliament has also released his own alternate revising treaty. I haven't read that yet, so won't comment on it. One thing is clear - the EU cannot continue in its current form. It is unweildy and increasingly archaic. Even the most ardent Eurosceptic, like myself, recognises the reality that we need to have relations with out European neighbours, even if we withdraw from the EU. Kirkhope tends to be more Europhile than me, but I totally agree with all of the sections I have read so far.

As for Labour, they are trying to paint a picture of a Conservative party obsessed by Europe. That's far from the truth - the party has hardly mentioned Europe for months and it would be shocking if the Official Opposition didn't adopt a position on a document that will fundamentally the country we live in. The Labour position is merely a smoke screen, a poor attempt to cover their failure to uphold their pledge for a referendum. They claim that it's now only a revising document, so does not require a referendum, conveniently forgetting that they said that the Constitution was a revising document and only agreeing to hold a referendum after intense Conservative pressure.

Is there any wonder that the public does not trust politicians? Brown's new era contains so much spin that even he gets confused. In a freudian slip last month, he accidentally called the treaty as the Constitution. Probably the first honest statement to pass through the new PM's lips.

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