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Monday, July 16, 2007

Wedding plans moving on apace

Things are getting rather busy again as we plan for our wedding in October. Corissa and I are spending much of our free time making the invitations at the moment so that we can post the Canadian ones while we are in Canada later this month. October really isn't far away now, so we'll need to hit the ground running as soon as we're back in England to get everything else sorted as well, but not all that time will be as busy as the next fortnight will be!

We've now checked with the vicar, Vital Statistics Alberta and the Immigration and Nationalities Directorate, to confirm that we can get married by standard publication of banns. That's good news, as it means that Corissa won't need a Certificate of Approval for Marriage, as she would for a civil wedding. That would have involved completing a 10 page form with accompanying explanatory notes, paying £295, sending off our passports and waiting for up to 70 working days while they sit on the forms! I'm very glad we chose an Anglican wedding now!

We've now booked our honeymoon and wedding transport, and I've chosen my wedding ring. We're going to look for Corissa's in Canada before we make our mind up completely, but have probably chosen for her as well. We're meeting with the photographer next Sunday as well. I'm hoping to be sorted with suit hire before we go to Canada and we'll be finalising the wedding list while we are out there as well. Hopefully we're on top of everything. I really want to be sure that the day itself will run smoothly so that we can enjoy it as much as possible!

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