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Friday, July 06, 2007

Only the Conservatives can defeat Labour

Independent media pundits are saying that the it is the Conservatives who pose the greatest threat to Labour in this month's Ealing Southall by-election. Here's some of the recent comments:
In Ealing Southall in particular, the Tories are expected to improve their position vastly... Tony Lit, a popular Asian radio station boss...could even win in this seat... Melissa Kite, Telegraph, 1/7/07

In the 2006 local elections in this seat, the Lib Dems came a bad third... [The Conservatives are] only between five and seven percent behind Labour in the wards that make up Ealing Southall... Andrew Gilligan, Evening Standard

The Tories seem to be on a roll, the public feels they are largely doing well and the reds are still nursing their sores and are distracted in Southall. Voice of Ealing Gazette, 4/5/07

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Anonymous said...

More like a dream about the Southall by-election.