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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hokey Cokey Ealing Southall style

Labour Conservative Labour Councillor Mrs Zahida Abbas Noori seems to be leading Ealing Labour in some sort of Hokey Cokey. Last night, she and the Conservatives released a statement announcing that she was the sixth Labour councillor in the constituency to defect to Conservative in two days. The move meant that she would be rejoining her two colleagues in Southall Broadway ward, who had already crossed the floor in support of Tony Lit. However, after the news had been reported by Iain Dale and The Times, amongst others, Cllr Noori had a change of heart. She has now decided to remain within the Labour group.

Whichever party Cllr Noori decides to support in the end, one thing is absolutely clear. She, along with many of her colleagues, is unhappy with the Labour party. It seems that the Labour candidate for the by-election, Cllr Virendra Sharma is proving to be a rather divisive figure. The five original defectors were mostly (thanks Steve) Sikhs, suggesting that the Sikh community, which makes up more than a quarter of the vote, is not as united behind the Labour candidate as Ealing Southall Labour are claiming. Cllr Noori is a Muslim, and her support is clearly far from unwaivering, while the Times report also indicates that other high profile defections are iminent, citing a Hindu in particular.

For the record, it should be noted that Cllr Noori has denied she ever intended defecting. Intriguingly, Iain Dale says that she signed the press release which he received. Given that other well respected jouralists also picked up the story, it is hard to believe that they all simultaneously invented the same story!


singh said...

labour was racist, they asked the sikh candidates dirogrity questions and haven't wanted a Sikh turan wearing MP from the start!

Steve said...

Dan, I think you'll find Jagdish Gupta is a Hindu.

Anonymous said...

If Councillor Noori of Southall "and the Conservatives released a statement" then can I assume that the Conservatives did actually bother to talk to her before releasing the statement.

Or were they just as naive as Councillor Noori who signed a blank peice of paper in good faith, only to have it abused?

Dan Hassett said...

I don't see the Conservatives being naive in accepting a signature. If they were, so is any institution that has ever accepted a cheque or card payment based upon a signature! If Cllr Noori genuinely did sign a blank piece of paper, I'm glad that she didn't switch to Conservative. Clearly she's not up to the job as a councillor if she's so daft.