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Monday, July 02, 2007

Graham Robb for Sedgefield

Graham Robb, a businessman from the North East of England who lead the successful campaign against the Lib-Lab North East Regional Assembley, has been selected as the Conservative candidate for Sedgefield. The by-election has been called following the resignation of Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister. Graham launched his campaign with William Hague, the former Conservative leader who has been tasked with leading the party's renaissance in the North. There are two videos from the launch. The first is William Hague's introduction and the second features Graham Robb setting out his vision for a Sedgefield of free enterprise.

Graham will have his work cut out for him as Sedgefield is amongst the safest Labour seats in the country. However, the Conservatives came second in the seat, so it's hard to see how the Lib Dems will be able to claim it's a two horse race between them and Labour! They'll probably rely on local election results, ignoring the fact that the parliamentary constituency of Sedgefield is quite different from the council area of the same name! By-elections are never predictable, so a strong candidate like Graham could win with an equally strong campaign behind him.

Sedgefield Conservatives also have a website, which will presumably become the hum of the online campaign.

Graham Robb also has a campaigning presence on Myspace.

And the new Conservative campaigning website has a Sedgefield section at

So far, neither Labour nor the Lib Dems seem to have selected. It's good to see the Conservative machinery looking in much better form that in recent years and finally seeming able to steel a march on our rivals.

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