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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Family at the heart of Conservative policy

It shouldn't need saying that the family will be at the heart of the next Conservative manifesto, but many on the right had come to doubt that David Cameron really is a Conservative. In fact, I think that he's been pretty sensible generally. That's not to say that I agree with him on everything and he hasn't always handled matters as well as I would have liked - Grammar schools immediately spring to mind - but the general thrux is heading in the right direction.

As the Conservatives begin to add some meat to the agenda for the next Conservative government, the news is looking better and better. The centre right press lapped up Iain Duncan Smith's proposals in his committee's report on Social Justice. The Sun, Mail, Express and Telegraph all rushed to support the report. The Lib Dems seemed less pleased - only one out of their 63 MPs bothered to turn up for last night's poverty debate, called by the Conservatives.

So what are the Poverty Debate and Social Justice Challenge all about? They're about delivering solutions to the problems caused by the breakdown of society and its associated crime, anti-social behaviour and exclusion. The need to support the traditional two parent family model is central to that aim. That's why the Conservatives are the only party that can deliver Social Justice. It may be an area of policy which the party has seemed to abandon in recent years, but there has actually been a long-standing tradition of action within the party - from aid to Ireland during the potato famine through abolishion of slavery to overseeing much of the introduction of the NHS, pensions and benefits for those in genuine need.

Sadly, the Liberal-Left are so blinkered by Political Correctness, that many of them cannot see that there is a problem, let alone put forward solutions. Even those who can see the problems so misunderstand them that their solutions can only make the problems worse. Often, we see them attempting to substitute government for families; something that can only lead to authoritarianism, erosion of freedom and compound the feeling of hopelessness. Read any article by Polly Toynbee or speech by Harriet Harman, the new Labour Party Deputy Leader, Chairman and Minister for Wimmin and Equality (a word which needs to be banned from politics)to see how wrong the Liberal-Left can be.

I'm not going to try to paraphrase the whole document - it runs to 6 volumes, so it will take a while to digest. I'll be trying to get my teeth into it over the coming weeks and months, while there's a real debate within the Conservative party and beyond about the future of Conservative policy in the areas of Social Justice. In the meantime, the you can get the general gist of the report from the overview or the full report from the poverty debate blog.


Anonymous said...

you must be the most boring person i have ever read about, seriously get a life outside the tories, show us the other more lively side to dan hassett, what do u get up to when your not ranting on your blog?
let us know

Dave Harwick

Dan Hassett said...

What did you expect to read about on a blog about politics in the UK & Canada from a Conservative perspective?! I think you may have come to the wrong place.

When I'm not ranting on my blog, I'm planning my wedding (I booked our honeymoon today). I also enjoy travelling extensively and socialising, mostly in various pubs and restaurants. I play badminton and do Pilates for exercise. I try to get my ranting out of my system through my blog rather than boring people with it in person, but sometimes it does bubble over!