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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Defection update: Colchester turns blue

Well the defection bandwagon is well and truly in swing at the moment. In the last couple of weeks there have been defections in all directions, although most have been to the Conservatives. Of course we all know of one group of people who can't resist a bandwagon once it starts rolling. That's right - the always good for a laugh Lib Dems!

In Colchester, both Berechurch ward councillors have decided to join the Conservative group. The father and son team - Cllrs Terry and Craig Sutton - have given the Conservatives their first majority in Colchester in 20 years. Previously, the council had been run my a Conservative minority.

Cllr Terry Sutton said that the reason for the defection was that he recognised that only the Conservatives had a positive vision for the borough. In recent years, relations within the Lib Dems have been deteriorating, apparently. That seems to be the story across large chunks of the country! The final straw seems to have been the local Lib Dem MP saying that the new Colchester Utd football stadium would be the "worst" in the country. That in itself seems to have been a pathetic attempt at point scoring, as the Conservative council has provided much of the finance.

Hat tip: ConservativeHome; initial report East Anglian Daily Times

It's interesting to see that Colchester Council have already updated their website to show the two new Conservative Councillors. I wonder when Ealing will update their site? For that matter, I see that Cllr Susan Ashworth, Shepway representative for New Romney Coast, is still listed as a Lib Dem on the council's website. I wonder what's going on there - it was the Lib Dems who announced that she was defecting to Conservative, so I don't know whether she officially has crossed over yet. I would have thought that the Lib Dems would have withdrawn the whip at least though!

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Alex said...

The real reason the Suttons left the Lib Dems was that Cllr Terry Sutton wanted Bob Russell to step down so he could get a chance to be MP, this was rejected by Lib Dems and Cllr Sutton and son then fell out with the Colchester Lib Dems and the MP, eventually quitting to join the Conservatives.

Last night Craig Sutton was destroyed in the local elections in Berechurch and came in third, with Labour winning his seat. I think a similar fate awaits his father in two years time.

Colchester went in a different direction to the rest of the UK trend as the Conservatives lost four seats to the Lib Dems and one seat to Lab. Colchester returns to no overall control.

The Lib Dems are more united in Colchester with the Suttons gone as they caused a lot of conflict in Lib Dem ranks.