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Friday, July 06, 2007

Conservatives pick up defections in Ealing Southall merry-go-round

Two lifelong members of the Labour Party in Ealing Southall have decided to give up their 40-year-old memberships and join the Conservative Party. They are backing Tony Lit to win the Ealing Southall by-election on 19th July.

Ealing Southall has been a Labour stronghold for decades, but this by-eletion is looking wide open. In last year's local elections, the Conservatives took nearly as many seats as Labour in the constituency at the same time as taking control of Ealing Borough Council from Labour. The Lib Dems have only one councillor in the ward.

These are not the only defections in the constituency. The former Deputy Chairman of the Constituency Conservative Association defected to Lib Dem after failing to be selected as the Conservative candidate, and Tony Lit himself only joined the Conservative Party last month! The Labour selection was the most controversial, given that Piara Khabra, the former Labour MP, had backed a woman for the seat, but the final selection was between two men.

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