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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogging From Canada

It's been a few days since my last post, as I'm in Canada at the moment and was not able to get to a PC. I haven't kept up with UK news either, so won't comment on anything happening there.

The weather has been a cantrast to the UK, with scorching hot weather day in and day out. Apparently, that's about as unusual as England's floods. While I've been here so far, I've met most of Corissa's extended family in Ontario, and that visit also gave us the opportunity to see the Niagara Falls. They are trully magnificent, although I would have preferred them if they were less commercialised. Hiking up to them through the wilderness would have been a more striking introduction, rather than having them surrounded by a Vegas-esque resort town. Only in America (and Canada, it would seem)!

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