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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tony Lit for Ealing Southall

Conservativehome is reporting that Tony Lit is the Conservative candidate for next month's Ealing Southall By-election. He is the MD of Sunrise Radio, Britain's best known Asian radio station. In 2001, his father stood as an Independent in the same constituency, pushing the Lib Dems into 4th place.

Tony Lit looks like exactly the sort of person the Conservatives need to be attracting to stand for Parliament. He has a sound background in business, which is a good starting point for an MP, as well as a high profile, particularly within the Asian community which is large in this part of London.

In last year's elections to Ealing LBC, the Conservatives swept to power. Within the Ealing Southall constituency, there are 30 councillors: 16 Labour, 13 Conservative and one Lib Dem. I hadn't thought that there was much chance of the Conservatives achieving anything in Ealing Southall until I saw that we had such an excellent candidate. Mind you, I was pretty amazed when we gained the council from Labour last year as well!

Why not help out in the campaign - either on the ground in Ealing Southall or from home, visit Campaign Together, the new Conservative by-election initiative. I plan to help out!

The by-election has been called following the death of Piara Khabra, the octogenarian Labour MP for Ealing Southall. The election will be held on Thursday 19th July based on the old constituency boundaries.

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