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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sarkozy's UMP steams to victory

The Conservative UMP has won a decisive victory in the second round of the French Legislative elections. The result follows his victory in the Presidential Elections earlier this year. The result was not the landslide that many commentators had forecast after the first round of elections. I had carefully refrained from commenting on those results, as the French electoral system is not as predictable as many seemed to think. The removal of the blind element of voting allows voters who wish to see a strong opposition to switch their allegiance, safe in the knowledge that their preferred party is still on course to take control.

The result is good news for France. Sarkozy is pledged to a radical programme of reforms - one which is much needed and long overdue in the country, which resembles a Warsaw Pact state in many ways. He and his government are more Atlanticist in outlook, which is good news for Britain and Conservatives across Europe.

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