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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ming wants to nationalise your home

Ming Campbell has today revealed Stalinistic plans to increase the role of the state in providing housing. The plans include expanding the provision of council housing to those who are not in the greatest need, controlling the prices of privately owned housing bought under social contracts and buying up farmland to make way for a massive programme to concrete over our countryside. So much for being the greenest party.

The proposals are ridiculous. They will stymie private enterprise, expand the role of the state to one that completely controls our lives through our housing and revent the free market from providing the facilities that we actually want. It would be down to the government to make that kind of decision for us. It's all been tried before - it was called the USSR. The Orange Book Lib Dems must be horrified at this wholly illiberal policy. It's the latest evidence that Ming's leading the Lib Dems ever futher to the left - Labour's 1983 manifesto will look moderate compared to Ming's plans for Britain..

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