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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Liberals & NDP pick fight with motorsport fans

Canada's socialist New Democrats and increasingly incoherent Liberals have criticised the Conservative Party of Canada for buying advertising space on a car competing in the Canadian NASCAR stock car racing championship. Apparently, NASCAR is bad for the environment. It amazes me how so called "Liberals" have such an overwhelming desire to control everyone else's lives. It's the same problem that I have with the Lib Dems in the UK. Everything about the Liberals is about trying to control people's minds. Anything that a Liberal disagrees with has been racist, sexist or something-or-other-else-ist for decades. Now, the holy grail has changed. If a Liberal doesn't like what your doing, you are damaging the environment.

Denis Coderre, a Liberal MP from Quebec took this usual line. "I find it bizarre that they're pretending to be environmental champions with these types of actions," he said. I find it bizarre that the last Liberal government, in which he served, pretended to support Kyoto, signing up then allowing CO2 emissions to increase unchecked*. That's Liberal hypocrisy for you.

* Canada was amongst the first countries to sign up to Kyoto in 1998 under the previous Liberal government. The treaty, including a commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to 6% below 1990 levels, was not finally ratified until 2002 - four years later. Between ratification in 2002 and the defeat of the Liberal government in 2006, emissions of greenhouse gases INCREASED by 24%. Canada's Liberals have a rather large plank to remove from their eyes before they can lecture anyone on the environment. SOURCE


CCR said...

Here is a post on the bad math and bigotry from the NASCAR haters:

Toby Philpott said...


I think you need to take a closer look at my blog and a number of other Lib Dem blogs.

There is a wealth of libertarian thought there.

Thought control? I think not.

Dan Hassett said...

There's little sign of libertarian thought in the Lib Dem manifesto. Policies such as: are designed to increase control over peoples' thoughts, no matter how well intentioned.

Of course, I'm unable to read your full blog, as it was removed at the request of the local Lib Dem leadership, demonstrating typical disregard for free thought. They also had comments removed from Jae's bog:

Another more recent opinion which totally contravenes libertarian principles is the new land policy:

Meanwhile, the Lib Dems still seem determined to hand over as much power as possible to an unelected elite in Brussels and Strasbourg. The EU is a thoroughly authoritarian and centralising bureaucracy that runs against everything a libertarian living in a democracy should believe in.

Suz Blog in Islington always has some interesting insights too...

I know that there are people who have libertarian views within the Lib Dems. I believe that they've joined the wrong party though.

Toby Philpott said...

There are two points of attack on your response to me Dan:

1. Surely you don't believe that racial prejudice and other forms of discrimination should go unchallenged. A liberal principal is that you should be free to do as you like as long as you don't harm others. Racial and sexual discrimination does harm others.

2. I would be very happy to lend you a copy of "Reclaiming Liberalism" also known as The Orange Book. I think it would disabuse your perceptions of Lib Dem views regarding British relations with the EU. With respect, the view you reflect here is typical Tory stereotyping not substantiated by the facts.

We've always been strong on ideas of subsidiarity and decentralisation within the EU and are pro-reform. Our belief is that pooling sovereignty is beneficial to tackle major international issues such as global warming, trade negotiations etc.

I would like to see the Commission work harder on bring about a genuinely free trade world. I genuinely find the Tory position a bit baffling though. On the one hand they tone down free trade rhetoric when convincing the farming community that they should vote Tory and on the other hand they castigate the EU for not doing enough on free trade. An interesting contradiction.

Historically it is also rather amusing that you accuse us of being anti-free trade when in fact, the Conservative commitment to free trade is a comparatively recent phenomenon. Much of the 19th and 20th Century saw Liberals fighting for free trade and Tories doing all they could to resist and hold on to policies of Imperial Preference.

Enough for now.



Anonymous said...

how can u sleep at night saying your blog is not censored. you always take comments off or never even publish them.
maybe there will have to be a new blog. which has a sole purpose to have an open free debate about your blog,
yes, this seems a good idea

Dan Hassett said...

Anonymous: utter nonsense. I see that you don't even have the balls to put your name to your lies.

My policy on comments is clear and simple. I won't publish spam as my blog contains no advertising. I won't publish obscenities - I don't swear and don't permit others to on my site. I won't publish anything which I believe could be libellous.

If you wish to set up a blog about my blog, you're free to do so, so long as you don't libel me. That's the wonder of freedom of speech.

Dan Hassett said...


1) The problem with the CRE is that it goes a lot further than discrimination. The Big Brother fiasco over Emily calling a black girl a nigger is a case in point. There was clearly no malice in her use of the word, but the CRE called her a racist. That kind of thing undermines and degrades the argument against genuine racism, in the form of violence against the person and other forms of discrimination. I believe that the CRE is counter-productive, fueling white resentment of ethnic minorities in some sectors.

Prejudice should be allowed to go unchallenged, but discrimination should not. I don't believe that it is ever appropriate to legislate against opinions. I find it abhorrent that the state is prepared to challenge an opinion, whether it is mainstream or not. Legislation against opinions cannot work in a free country, and is likely to breed resentment.

2) I've read enough of the Orange Book to know that there's some good work in there. That's why it has been rejected by the Lib Dem leadership and Lib Dem blogs regularly criticise its authors, particularly David Laws. The very title "Reclaiming Liberalism" is an admission that the Lib Dems have abandoned Liberalism.

On the EU's role in trade and the environment, I'd argue that the organisation is fundamentally backward looking and insular. The organisation is a major barrier to the goal of global free and fair trade and a worldwide solution to environmental problems. EU agricultaral policy is designed to keep the poor nations of the world poor, for the benefit of French farmers. The quota system is contrary to the goal of free trade. Eurosceptics like myself are often branded "Little Englanders". I'd contend that Europhiles are "Little Europeans" where I have a more global outlook.

All parties have a broad range of views within their ranks, the Conservatives included. There are people within the party with whom I can strongly disagree, particularly the authoritarian. The differences are certainly no greater than those in Labour or the Lib Dems though, and any majority government will necessarily contain a broad range of views.

It's certainly true that in the 19th and much of the 20th century, the Conservative/Tory Party was protectionist and the Whig/Liberal Party was pro free-trade. The switch in attitudes merely demonstrates that the modern Conservative Party is the true successor to the old Liberal Party - in the main, the Lib Dems are little more than warmed up Socialists in disguise. That's not to say that there aren't many true Liberal minded people within the Lib Dems, including some of the Parliamentary Party. Campbell's leadership, like Kennedy's before demonstrates that the old style liberals are an isolated minority within the party.

The Liberal Party explains the problem with the Lib Dems pretty well: