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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Labour's war on marriage

A study by the former Benefits minister Frank Field for Reform has demonstrated the extent to which New Labour is undermining the traditional role of the family. The report finds that a two parent family needs to earn £240 a week to be above the "poverty line" whereas a single parent needs to earn only £76.

It's a disgusting statistic, but should come as no surprise. New Labour has always been presented as the moderate face of "Christian Socialism", ensuring social cohesion yet embracing the market. The truth of the matter, is that the government has been busy stabbing the market in the back, undermining the institutions that we all rely on. Once the traditional safety net of the family and such like has been removed, who will we have to turn to when we are in need? The government.

Meanwhile, the loss of those institutions has been counter productive, as any Conservative could have told them before they inflicted this inhumane experiment on the British public. The breakdown of the institutions which held Britain together - expecially the family - has resulted in a decline in moral standards. Approximately a third of pregnancies now end in abortion. Anti-social behaviour, mindless crime and general thuggery are spiralling out of control. New Labour's solution - yet more regulation, supervision by the state and removal of individual freedoms. It's sickening.

New Labour is all about bringing about a long-term socialist government at its authoritarian worst, albeit with a nice bit of spin to make it look pretty. The next Conservative government will have its work cut out to turn back the tide.

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Rachel Joyce said...

I totally agree, Dan. Why Frank Field wants to stay in that party is beyond me.