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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Conservatives set tough stance on revised EU Constitution

David Cameron has revealed that the Conservatives will be taking a tough line on plans to bring in the EU Constitution by the back door. Dan Hannan, the excellent Tory MEP for the South East of England, has been publicising the secret negotiations going on between Europe's leaders to bring about the EU Constitution, overwhelmingly rejected by referenda held in France and the Netherlands. Blair has recently been involved in these talks and has signalled that there would be no need to hold a refereundum in the UK, despite previous pledges that he would do so. That is because the new constitution will be technically termed a Treaty, rather than a Constitution. The substance, however, will remain unaltered. It will still entrench the primacy of EU legislation and "ever closer union". It will leave the failed CAP and CFP in place. It will extend EU competencies into almost all areas of our daily lives, whilst removing most of the UK's vetoes and bringing us closer to a Common Foreign Policy, EU army, harmonised taxation and all the rest that made the last document so impalatable.

Thankfully, David has made clear that the Conservatives will continue to demand a referendum on the Constitution, no matter what form it may take. The Conservative leader told The Sunday Telegraph: "Any treaty that is about the transfer of powers to the EU must be put to the country in a referendum."

Frank Field has joined chorus of Labour MPs clamouring for Gordon Brown to adopt the same policy, as Blair eventually did last time around. Brown now faces a tough choice - deny us our democratic right to self determination or lose a referendum.

I'm looking forward to the referendum campaign already. I signed up to the official No Campaign in preparation for the previous campaign, and had a letter published in the Times on the matter. I'm ready and waiting for the next campaign!

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