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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Conservative Way Forward marks 25th anniversary of the Falklands War

Last Thursday I attended the Conservative Way Forward dinner to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands War. Held at the Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel in High Holborn, London, it was a prestigious black tie affair. The speaker was William Hague, Shadow Foreign Secretary with the vote of thanks by Lord (Norman) Tebbit, in the presence of Baroness (Margaret Thatcher). I had a great evening, and was particularly impressed by Lord Tebbit's speech. He pointed to the need to win the war on and off the battlefield and contrasted the way that the Falklands War was won to the way the Iraq War is being lost today. Even though the troops on the ground were able to defeat Sadam Hussein's forces, the political battle was not clearly planned and continues today. The short, sharp Falklands War allowed the Islanders to get on with their lives, where the failed Iraqi conflict sees a country in ruins. Of course, he couldn't resist a dig at the EU either, pointing out that today it is Britain's sovereignty that is under threat.

William Hague had spoken at length about the way that the Falklands had recovered in the past 25 years. The economy is now self sufficient, with British money required only to maintain a defensive military presence on the islands.

After the speeches, a series of auctions saw lunch for two with Margaret Thatcher at the Carlton Club sold for £13,000. A bit out of my league, I'm affraid!

The food was excellent, and the bar was well stocked, albeit with drinks at London hotel prices (£4.25 for a small Stella, or over £6 for a shot of Sambuca). Of course, we couldn't resist a few, even at those prices. I finally got back to Greenwich at 3.30 am, giving me just enough time to catch 2 hours sleep before getting up at 6 to catch the train back to Folkestone in time for work!

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