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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cameron backs flexible working

Back in the real world, David Cameron has been outlining Conservative policy on an important factor in all (well most) of our daily lives. The work-life balance. A report has revealed that 90% of firms on the continent offer flexible working, compared to just 48% in the UK. Only one fifth of UK businesses offer home working as an option - half the figure of Germany and Denmark.

I'm glad to see the Conservatives taking a lead on this topic. Margaret Thatcher delivered an economic revolution, freeing up our markets, our businesses and our financial lives and building the foundations of the strong economy of today. The logical next step is to extend that revolution into the social sphere - freeing up our every day lives from government intervention and other unecessary outside influences.

Moves towards flexibility in the work place and deregulation of our lives are in start contrast to today's bureaucratic, interventionist proposals from the increasingly extreme Lib Dems (see below).

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