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Monday, June 18, 2007

BBC admits bias

The BBC has finally admitted what many of us already knew - its impartial broadcasting is, in fact, anything but impartial. A report commissioned by the BBC criticised the organisation for breaching its own guidlines by promoting "Make Poverty History" - a liberal-left leaning organisation campaigning to alleviate poverty in the third world - during entertainment programming. The report also quotes Andrew Marr, former political editor, who said that the BBC has an "innate Liberal bias." Quite.

On the one occasion that I did complain to the BBC about their bias, they did admit to an error of judgement. On that occasion, they had reported on a mistake by the government which had been uncovered by a Conservative MP's questioning in parliament. The report inferred that the Lib Dems had uncovered the mistake, quoting a senior Lib Dem MP but ignoring the Conservatives altogether. During an election campaign, that is against all guidelines. However, a look through past election reporting on their site shows something peculiar. In the pictures used to illustrate stories, they often use a ballot paper with a hand hovering, pencil poised to vote. Almost invariably, the hand hovers by the Lib Dem candidate. It's subliminal advertising of the worst kind, and needs to be stopped.


Anonymous said...

I must admit, it would be nice to hear some left wiong views on the BBC instead of the liberal ones. When was the last time anyone on the BBC advocated nationalisation?

Dan Hassett said...

Last time anyone suggested privatising the BBC!