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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"What are the Liberal Democrats for?"

It's a question that I've asked myself frequently in the past, but this time I'm not the one who's asking. It's the Guardian - that bastion of liberal-left ideology. It will have made some pretty uncomfortable reading for Ming Campbell and the rest of his Lib Dem posse. Under the title "Nice but hopeless, the Lib Dems should call it a day" Simon Jenkins adds "Surely it's time to disband":

What are Liberal Democrats for? They are the flotsam of 20th-century politics drifting on into the 21st, coagulated from ancient clubs, cabals, splits and defections from other parties. Not since the 19th century have they cohered round any great interest. They represent no mass movement, no breaking of the political mould. Ask a Liberal Democrat what he or she is for and you get only a susurration of platitudes. Yet thanks to proportional representation this party gets to choose the governments of Scotland and Wales. It is Nero for a day.

Quite. The full article is here.

Hat tip to Iain Dale, whose blog brought this to my attention.

1 comment:

DP South said...

Well the LibDems could learn a lesson from the Conservatives by dumping all their orthodox ideological baggage, whilst hoping to retain their voter base.
Otherwise 'playing Nero for a day' will end up with them being guillotined like Marie-Antoinette.